YOGALATES  is a type of class that combines Yoga and Pilates and focuses on strengthening the core while eliciting the meditational and flexibility benefits of yoga. This Yoga and Pilates fusion works well for many people, especially those who have been exposed to yoga and pilates classes separately and simply want to try something new. Yogalates is also a great option for people who enjoy both Yoga and Pilates but don’t have the time to take both classes a week.

     This yoga fusion combination of Yoga and Pilates works very well, because both Yoga and Pilates emphasize the same fundamental ideals: proper breathing, strengthening, flexibility, postural alignment and meditation. This class helps you to gain a better sense of your body, mind, and spirit while providing you with the benefits of a great workout and stress relief, or if your goal is simply relaxation through movement while achieving stability.

     In a yogalates class, you will be exposed to both yoga and Pilates of course, but more often than not, the poses and exercises from both are separated, instead of being combined into the same moves of yoga fusion. Instead, a typical yogalates class will begin with traditional yoga poses such as the downward dog, warrior or the tree. These moves emphasize warming up of the breathing, improving balance and flexibility. Then, the yogalates class moves onto to yoga poses that involve more movement, such as the sun salutation. After completing these poses, the yogalates instructor will transition to more intensive core exercises that are known as Pilates.

    Yogalates is a great option of a class to take for those who would like to try something beyond Yoga and Pilates. You will enjoy the challenges brought by this yoga fusion combination of Yoga and Pilates and will find them extremely beneficial.