“The Desire To

Succeed Is Measured By The

Will To Prepare”

      As determined young athletes we are always searching for ways to get stronger, run faster, jump higher, and move quicker. Whether we are trying to play in high school, college or possibly beyond, we want that competitive edge to take your game to the next level. At One On One Sports Performance you will learn how to reach these goals and maximize your athletic potential.

      One On One Sports Performance is a functional strength and conditioning program designed to evaluate an athletes functional movement, detect and correct muscle imbalances, and learn how to build a solid foundation of strength. Once an athlete builds a strong base he or she will learn to develop the greater strength and power necessary to produce speed and the explosiveness required to excel in their sport.


       Once evaluated, our experts design a sports specific program to meet your individual needs. Each athlete is grouped into a specific training level based on their performance evaluation, sport and training experience. Unlike traditional gym routines, this program is based on the functional training model designed to improve specific movement patterns that we use in sports and in life.


  • To train like an Athlete.

  • To develop a foundation of core strength, stability and motor control.

  • How to correct and strengthen specific movement patterns.

  • To train to get strong, more powerful and more explosive.

  • Proper dynamic warm up, correct running and sprint mechanics, and proper agility and deceleration techniques.

  • Speed strength exercises designed to improve acceleration and overall speed.

  • Proper functional training and conditioning, nutritional advice and living a healthy lifestyle.

  • To build self esteem and self confidence.

      Each athlete is given a thorough sports performance evaluation at the start of their program. This comprehensive evaluation includes a Functional Movement Screen {FMS}, a musculoskeletal exam and a baseline testing in several different performance criteria.
      The evaluation is a crucial part of the program as it sets the baseline for each individual athlete. It detects any movement impairments the athlete may have and allows us to find their weakest link. These impairments may be affecting their performance and ultimately increasing their risk of injury.

  • Most trainers are unable to evaluate and detect faulty movement patterns and do not understand how to correct muscle imbalances.
  • Each evaluation is performed by a Sports Physical Therapist/Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) who understands human movement and muscular dysfunctions.
  • If an athlete has musculoskeletal dysfunctions and is trained improperly, they could be strengthening deficient movement patterns which can actually increase their risk of injury.

      This program is for the athlete who is serious about strength and conditioning, is motivated to exercise and is committed to the hard work necessary to maximize their athletic potential.