One on One Fitness is a functional strength and conditioning training program designed to fit your individual goals. The program is designed to improve the way you look, the way you feel and the way you live. It improves your mobility, flexibility, stability, strength and power and accelerates fat loss. This program teaches you how to train your body correctly the way we use it in work, play and living. We train you for Life!

   The One on One program is formulated by Physical Therapists who understand human movement and can detect muscle imbalances that can lead to pain, injury and poor function. We develop our programs to correct common muscle imbalances and weaknesses that affect the way we move and feel. Our program focuses on building a solid foundation of movement quality and core stability to be able to build the muscle strength and power necessary to perform life functions efficiently and combat the stress and challenges of everyday life.

   Our fitness classes are primarily semi- private, small group classes so that all clients get quality supervision and coaching in exercise form and technique. Our strength and conditioning classes are carefully structured with attention to human movement and overall body function. These high energy classes are 75 minutes long consisting of mobility and movement preparation exercises, a strict core stabilization phase and a circuit style strength phase that encompasses common functional movements. Our conditioning phase is designed for accelerated fat loss by generating an “after-burn effect” that keeps your metabolism firing on all cylinders.

   The One on One program exposes you to a variety of disciplines and modalities and provides you with cutting edge information in training methods and techniques. We implement different schools of training including yoga, pilates, thai chi and various-functional training methods.


The One on One Program will help to:

  • Increase mobility and flexibility which is the foundation for quality movement.
  • Improve core stability and strength
  • Build lean muscle which is necessary for fat loss.
  • Improve overall body strength to keep you feeling strong in life.
  • Increase body awareness and body balance
  • Provides you with more energy for the day ahead
  • Invigorates body and mind.
  • Keep you motivated and committed.
  • Increase self esteem and self confidence and a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Improve performance and quality of life